Product instructions and spare parts

by:GEMAY     2020-06-30
The fascia gun to really stimulate fascia, relax the muscles to get fast growth, massage head travel 3:1. 7 cm, massages the gun on the market for; 0. 7 cm, its effect is completely different, short trip means that the case is produced by the vibration effect in high frequency, short of deep stimulation fascia muscle relaxation effect. Massage therapists in the upstream and downstream massage, massage head can drag the skin surface, gives the user the feeling is shaking on the surface of the skin tissue. Product effectively fascia located at the surface of the muscle, divided into two kinds of deep fascia and superficial fascia and superficial fascia in subcutaneous, deep deep fascia in the superficial fascia. USES fascia gun can make the thickening of the connective tissue fascia slack off, release the fascia contraction obstacle, remove the damage and internal scar tissue, increase the venous return and lymphatic loop; Increase the ductility of the muscles, especially to the muscle spasm. Stiffness and limited situation, stimulate the reflex contraction of the muscle fibers. Fascia gun will help the body to recover from the pressure of intense exercise, and is advantageous to the adjustment and reconstruction of the training. Healing will remove waste products and better nutrition cells, make the normalization of tissue elasticity and wider. Fascia gun unique design principle, intensity big, can really stimulate to the fascia tissue, is a professional athlete, fitness amateur wang good drawing tool. Fascia gun a suggestion: use time depth workout, every body big muscles suggest massage 3 to 5 minutes, the body has suggested that not more than 10 minutes at a time, usually relieve work massage with rigid part 1 to 3 minutes. Product size: 265 mm long? 160 mm wide? 55 mm high net weight: 0. 95 kg packing size: 350 mm long? 285 mm wide? 90 mm high gross weight: 2. Product warranty. Product instructions and spare parts 1. Fascia gun with four massage head, giving another foam conical head ( Suitable for relax joints) 2. Fascia gun switch adjustment button for point touch switch, long boot according to 3 seconds, then switch gear (once A total of two gear) Way, shut down long press for 3 seconds. 3. Battery allowance display mode ( Percentage liquid crystal display) , a range of 30 ~ 40 minutes, equipped with two pieces of 2000 ma 12 v lithium-ion batteries, in order to better protect the life of lithium-ion batteries, the remaining nine. 5 v voltage power automatically, for their own protection. 4. Equipped with a lithium battery charger, please accurate watch battery are the anode, and then plug in to charge ( The charging time of 50 minutes each) 5. With the hand holding the work on the machine head position adjustment button, can adjust the Angle of the massage head ( 0 degrees. 30 degrees. 60 degrees. 90 degrees) For convenient user angles, and the body massage
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