Recent myofascial concept has been popular in the sporting world, more and more people know to extend relax to strengthen the muscle fascia, not only can prevent sports injury

by:GEMAY     2020-06-03
Everyone know about myofascial increasingly over the years, slowly we also establish the correct concept, think myofascial stretch as long as before, and later joined the concept of massage, finally add muscle fascia of intensive training, especially focus on improving the elasticity of the fascia, if you can do these three aspects are well, the muscle fascia could keep healthy. But, in fact, myofascial another problem is aging, if you've never myofascial against doing maintenance and training, the muscle fascia will slowly over time more and more elastic, more and more vulnerable inflammation, so a lot of people have myofascial problem of the old man's house to see, often will say: I do the same thing ah, how all won't pain before not inflammation. In fact, the problem is that the action is the same, but your muscle fascia is already aging, has become fragile has weakened. Therefore, for seniors, activation and relax the muscle fascia is a very important subject, so, let's look at from the perspective of seniors myofascial problem! ! ! ! Seniors fascia is a common problem is elastic, the possible reasons include: lack of brace or movement, lead to shortening of the fascia is more and more tight, may also be because of insufficient supplement moisture, cause the membrane dehydration. Many diseases are clinically because of myofascial brittle harden, due to the more common problems are as follows: plantar fasciitis: crus muscle fascia connection Achilles tendon, and become plantar fascia around the heel to toe, if there is no special to stretch to the foot of the muscle fascia, the plantar fascia will become more and more tight, finally cause inflammation stiff neck pain: from the back of the head and neck hips to the lower limbs muscle fascia, as long as there is some part is too tight, it may lead to problems, stiff neck back pain, even spinal degeneration with the fascia of long bone spurs are often problems common existence or causal. Tibialis anterior muscle overuse or tennis elbow, arm fascia is too tight, will make the arm of the anterior tendon tension increases, lead to tendon with elbow bones on the intersection of inflammation, this is the tennis elbow. Around the knee joint muscle fasciitis: the early beginnings of the knee joint is often older people are most likely to degradation of the joints, because, the degeneration of the knee joint lead to chronic inflammation, and joint inflammation and makes the muscles tight around the knee joint stiffness, including these muscle tibialis anterior and lateral thigh quadriceps, knee nest back popliteus, and after the upper calf muscles, the muscles tense because when walking joint bearing will be pain, muscle and didn't have enough strength to share under the weight of the body, so muscle had to become very stiff and hard to like knee, but muscle stiffness and will produce excessive inflammatory pain, so, degenerative knee joint as long as a long period of time, often merge serious myofascial pain problem. Around the hip muscle fasciitis: ditto, hip and knee, the muscles around the gluteus and iliopsoas and adductor muscle, etc. , will appear together with degenerative hip arthritis myofascial pain problem. People for which in any way so, relax the muscle fascia? Which way is not suitable for? General ethnic common fascia a drawing muscle stretching way to relax, drum, peanut balls, fascia gun, hand massage and so on, under normal circumstances, the fascia can be relaxed way, however, because the skin blood vessels are fragile, senior massage strength cannot too big, brace is absolutely can not be forced. If you choose to use roller to relax, qualitative soft foam roller is recommended to be used. If you want to do in some relatively tight place the strengthening of fixed-point pressure, will recommend the use of relatively soft material peanut balls, is not recommended too hard or contact area is too small, such as golf balls. If use massage gun, also recommend the use of low intensity, massage head of contact area is larger. Suggestions for active stretch, don't be a passive stretch, also is to use the power of their own to stretch or weight, this is called active stretch, because often have a kind of circumstance is that stretch class, a coach or classmates too keen to hand out to help extend, often give torn fascia, a pressure or joint dislocation, and so on and so forth. Therefore, unless is a professional medical personnel, don't let others help you stretch, because it is very easy to strain, and even lead to joint dislocation or slippage, don't want to see most is spondylolisthesis. What are the advantages of fascia to relax for the elderly? Fascia relaxation can keep the fascia of the soft and elastic, are less prone to the physique of injury or inflammation of the pain and so on. Recommend the extension of older people, must be on the premise of not injured, so try to choose a stable move action, the selection will not cause joint pressure increases, therefore, can lay stretched lay down as far as possible. In view of the ripe age older populations, was in a fascia stretch break, need special attention to matters? Fascia gun should avoid parts: to compare the vulnerable parts including the spinal nerves and blood vessels, therefore, the body is in the spine, head massage don't use guns to play in areas such as the face. Wrist or finger joint people with arthritis problems, do not recommend using fascia gun to relax, because fascia gun vibration strength may make joint inflammation becomes more serious. About stretch: to compare the part of the problem will happen is the extension of cervical vertebra and lumbar spine, if you want to extend these place, must be careful, it is best to stretch, rather than passive stretch, that is to say, don't let others help you to pull to pressure spine, preferably in themselves can do to get the scope of stretch, and in the process of stretch and are not able to appear after the pain. On roller relax: for older people, roller is not suitable for use in the waist muscle relaxes, because of the lumbar spine is inherently more unstable, plus the elderly body strength is weak, so if the roller to roll the waist muscle and will often cause big push to the lumbar pressure, serious may cause lumbar olisthe, on the other hand, drum lumbar olisthe are also not recommended to relax the waist muscle. At the end of stretched to relax after: because older people are more likely to have a posture sex low blood pressure, so, remember from lying to sit need to stay, from will do stop, not feel dizzy to stand up, and, after a remember to drink more warm water. Myofascial relaxation is everyone needs to be done, each people of all ages can borrow by myofascial relax to keep healthy, just need to find the most suitable myofascial stretching relaxation and training methods, as long as can maintain the elasticity of myofascial many musculoskeletal joints can reduce damage and slow degradation of the system, and the benefits are actually very much, but is to take the time to do, and must be continued, such ability can prevent myofascial aging or myofascial rejuvenation aging!
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