Recently found that many around the gym coach, sports fans are equipped with a handful of fascia gun. A fascia gun can stimulate fascia viscosity reduced

by:GEMAY     2020-06-17
In sports, work, life, human body because of fatigue can produce a large amount of creatine; Fascia gun with tendons, promoting blood, t2dm, degree of massage effect. The fascia gun with a 5-speed that provides up to 3200 times per minute, the role of high frequency oscillation can be straight through deep skeletal muscle, relax skeletal muscle moments, meridian nerve blood instant unimpeded. Applicable people 1 fascia gun. Fitness fascia gun is very suitable for exercise or sport 'group. Fascia gun can stimulate fascia viscosity decreased, so wrapped in muscle fascia is not rigidly, influence the muscle activity, and thus relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, increase blood circulation and movement range. Massage instrument, model body thin shape with household blower size; Very convenient to carry, can use anytime and anywhere. 2. Weight-loss fascia gun treats in use can make human body parts by inside and the heat effect, thus has certain effect reducing weight. Because this is work in a state of muscle in the subcutaneous fat, and consume a large amount of fat. This can lead to high frequency vibration of the equipment can also beautify your posture, strengthen the back and muscle, bring good size for the user. 3. Treat or prevent back shoulder diseases, lack of physical exercise in front of the computer for a long time, many fascia gun to the expansion of intervertebral disc, periarthritis of shoulder, strain of lumbar muscles, foot massage, to increase blood flow velocity has the very good curative effect; Can also be good for preventing disease pain in his back. On the one hand, deep back muscles can be strengthened, and on the other hand can also eliminate the back and neck surface index of taut muscles.
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