Recently this period of time, in the gym circles, an artifact quickly in popularity, with nearly a pair of, that is 'fascia gun', even professional sports

by:GEMAY     2020-06-03
The principle of fascia gun right? It really work? Suitable for which users are again? Use process should pay attention to what details? Fascia gun full name is 'musculoaponeurotic massager', is the use of the principle of high speed vibration to relax the muscles. First of all, from the human body muscle, in the work, life and ordinary, we often feel waist sour backache, that is because the human body because of a large number of creatine, fatigue is common said of lactic acid, because metabolic accumulation cause muscle pain cells. Such as the excessive movement, local muscle tension, spasm and pain. If you do not fast for muscles to relax can bring burden and lasting damage to the body, increase the damage of fibers can form a vicious circle. Fascia gun is to use vibration mechanics principle, the vibration is passed to the deep muscles, the effect of relaxation, like in some high strength competition, the coaches to athletes do massage to relax, and fascia gun can not only replace the action, and more efficient and rapid. Applies to both fascia is the fitness habits of people, also suitable for ordinary office worker, sitting for a long time, in the face of the computer, lack of physical exercise, fascia gun to the expansion of intervertebral disc, periarthritis of shoulder, strain of lumbar muscles, foot massage, increase blood flow velocity has the very good curative effect, also can used to prevent back pain disease very well. Fascia gun when use, should follow the muscles, relax to appropriate to resist the muscle fascia gun, let produce resonance between. In addition the movement wants slow, the small distance move, let more parts stress and uniform. In use process, must pay attention to the points 1, like elbow, knee, head and back where the bones you can't use, because the local weak muscles, fascia gun of the high frequency vibration can cause very big pressure on bones and tendons. 2, as our neck artery that exist, under the armpit, abdominal cavity and the blood vessels and organs such as get close to the parts can't. 3, suggested that each use no more than ten minutes of fascia gun hot reflects the people pay more and more attention to for people's health, work in tight life, we should learn how to let oneself appropriate relax, really tired, fascia gun to give yourself a short massage to relax, to meet more challenges. So many different brands of similar products on the market, as consumers should how to choose? Try the MFG - 01 fascia gun six-speed inverter frequency much directly affect the user experience effect, frequency, the more the more consumer choice, meet after the warm up before exercise, exercise therapy, and work in the body ache, find the most suitable in different frequencies. Four kinds of massage head back neck, arm palms, or gradual spine, four different types of massage head targeted design, meet the daily massage recuperate from different parts of the body. Massage when we are all afraid of intelligent control for efforts to grasp is not good, cause tingling, smart chip control, real-time feedback, to human nature to automatically adjust the motor speed and power output, to let the user, truly comfortable experience. The second half price fascia gun first preferential price of taste a fresh delicacy, the second half, limited-time offers, not to be missed.
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