Recently very fire fascia gun really attracted a large number of fitness enthusiasts, I am also curious search fascia gun related information, but as a girl, a

by:GEMAY     2020-06-10
After looking for a long time to find one, it looks good the fascia of a gun, I see, a total of only three fascia gun, but one look very low, I don't like, there are two new appearance design is great, I will in this two picked out, I will consider the contrast. First is the function of the appearance design, first look at the whole figure of two level good appearance, look from the level of appearance, the simple sense of material will not poor. But I may prefer the former simple sense, should be can let a person feel very high-end. Switch mode are different, the former is long press to enter boot, which is a the boot key, is according to the switch gear to adjust. Shutdown can be directly transferred to the most exclusive press once again after the shutdown, can be long press ( Open) Turn off key. The former has five gear ( Four regular shift + 1 frequency) , which has three gear. Inclined T design, the former is feeling good, but I am a girl, relatively little power, so always feel it's a bit forward, boys should be no problem. The latter T balance, one hand grip feels just right. Tail end of the charging port is on the base of the former, the latter is at the junction in T, but the latter is the battery can be removed. Because it is the same company, the performance of the motor I won't do more, but I will open a two fascia gun and hold it in hand, feeling carefully and found that the vibration sense is a little bit stronger, that is, on the whole stability of the fuselage, the former is superior than the latter, I feel the latter is also a disadvantage on the weight, the latter is slightly lighter than the weight of the former. Because the latter only 3 files, I will open to three files, both experience on both sides of the calf, from the striking strength and comfort, the former is more optimal point, the former 4 file is equivalent to the latter three gears, probably because judgment, the former gear distribution is small and small span, the latter less gear, big span, slightly rough. Through the comparison, I finally chose the latter, in addition to like its shape, also very valued hold feeling, I think on the gear, I probably can only adapt to a gear much less attractive to me. Comprehensive comparison, I think the latter fascia gun will be more suitable for me. Which I think will be more suitable for a professional trainer, or long-term fitness friends to choose from.
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