Regularly people must have such feelings, in after the movement, muscle will have a strong sense of tension, especially muscle joints, it feels like

by:GEMAY     2020-07-01
And the role of the fascia gun, lies in the use of high frequency vibration therapy to tight a piece of muscle fascia shock spread out, let the body feel relaxed after exercise, no bound feeling. In addition to the release of lactic acid, easing cramps, fascia gun can also accelerate muscle recovery, enhance movement range, improve blood circulation, relieve pain, soft tissue to stimulate muscle growth, improve the ability of muscles, reduce DOMS ( Delayed onset muscle soreness) And so on. Fascia gun applicable people: 1, professional sports people, such as athletes, professional dancers, slide, hand, etc. Professional sports people daily high intensity training is easy to damage to the muscles and bones and muscles contusion, time is long for minor recuperation, evolved into a serious illness, which is what we call the occupational disease. So professional sports people to pay attention to exercise rehabilitation, especially fascia gun can effectively massage muscles, ease to produce the problem such as muscle contusion of exercise. 2, sedentary people, such as an office worker, e-sports players, career anchor etc. We are able to move freely, mainly depends on the flow of blood to, but if sitting for a long time, will reduce the amount of blood to carry oxygen in the body, carrying and oxygen partial pressure to reduce the amount of blood carbon dioxide increase, causing pain, stiffness and muscular atrophy. Fascia gun of the high frequency vibration can be very good improve blood circulation, relieve muscle soreness. 3. Fitness crowd. No matter you are a professional fitness training people, or the like fitness beginners, after the movement will produce the problem such as muscle strain, tight and sore, fascia gun can improve local muscle pain, very suitable for sports later muscle relaxation. 4. Elder people. We all know that older people often have backache backache, lumbar muscle strain, probably his massage generally will be a little difficult, also is not very good. The fascia gun can well improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, relieve pain. 5. Pain recovery groups, such as plantar fasciitis, sports injury, hand and foot cramps, etc. These symptoms are often, due to local inflammation of the muscle or tension fascia gun hitting through the muscle to relieve the strain on local muscle, contracture caused by pull pain and other symptoms. 1, don't impact the joints. Fascia gun generally applies only to the muscle tissue, not impact joints, if direct impact on joints with the joints to stone directly to knock about meaning, can cause significant damage to the joints, easy to cause joint damage. 2, not all parts are suitable for use, such as neck, XiongFuQiang, axillary muscle thickness is thinner, and close to the human organs and the part of the aorta, hit the gun is not recommended, because the rate and frequency of the fascia gun soon, once the control is not appropriate, will be on the neck, XiongFuQiang, axillary such muscle thickness thinner parts damage. 3, not the longer, the more painful the more effective use of body feeling should be kept in 6 - Eight points of ache, the same position in 5 - the use of time 10 minutes, pay attention to the feeling of the person that use, feel the pain should stop operation, the operation does not need a massage too long at a time. 4, don't to assembly or modified fascia gun products or some users to use electric hammer percussion drill assembly of fascia gun due to a lack of protection mechanism in the vibration frequency and easily to fascia injury or muscle contusion, serious can cause cardiac arrest, and shock. 5, do not need too much pressure fascia guns have their own strength, walk back and forth toward the massage muscle parts can, so don't give too much pressure. 6, using the membrane with good quality gun now fascia gun market appeared a lot of imitation, reconstruction and even fake fascia gun, are manufactured. Because of its vibration frequency and the lack of protection mechanism easy to damage, serious even can cause cardiac arrest, and shock. Because there are some use inferior motor, battery lead to use such as explosion hazard. Now, search taobao we find fascia to the thousand yuan and one hundred yuan on the gun, we buy is the need to focus on during a crackdown on frequency, battery life, massage head configuration, gear these points and select one of the brand.
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