SCENAR device is a type of hand-held battery powered

by:GEMAY     2020-08-19
This unique hand-held device acts by delivering physiological doses of electro-stimulation from a triple battery of 3 volt(9Volt) directly to the skin, which then signals the brain to activate the immune system into releasing painkilling serotonin, endorphins and neuropeptides, all well-known in the literature as naturally stirring chemicals central to the remedial procedure. In addition to stimulating and conveying about a curative effect through nerve fibres, the device is crafted to bring a unique bio-feedback mechanism, which enables the organism being treated. Therapeutic applications of SCENAR The device acts by stimulating the brain with a continuously changeable signal that causes it to drill the nervous system to produce neuropeptides, the key biochemical's required by the body to cure itself. In several conditions the brain tends to become habituated to an illness or hurt rather than forcefully allowing generation of the neuropeptides required to affect revival. SCENAR Therapyis used to heal many types of injuries in Russia, Such as, Sensory, respiratory, urinary, immune system and psychological ailments. But today, this new technology is becoming available around the world. Because of, its unique, biofeedback and computer-controlled power and ability to stimulate the neuropeptide-producing fibers of the nervous system, since it routinely achieve results that cannot be emulated by other instruments. How it acts It was found after the study of Eastern zonal contact massage and dimensions of skin electrical properties and their transforms as a result of illness. In essence, SCENAR optimizes the body's natural powers by enabling suitable and unique physical and energetic upshots. Physical changes The instrument acts on the physical level by delivering quantities of 'electrical stimulation' to the body via integral electrodes in direct contact with the skin surface. These desires take off the electrical discharges. Energetic changes According to Einstein's formula 'Theory of Relativity' which states energy and matter are identical, that provided us most elementary form of energy, which known as minute energies. The SCENAR therapy works at an energetic level by locating these negative energy signals and changing them by pulsing correctional signals via the neural lanes closed to the spine.
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