Second, the principle of fascia gun

by:GEMAY     2020-06-05
Fascia gun as a soft tissue healing tool, its effectiveness depends on the operator's technique, as a kitchen knife in the masters hand cut tofu for hair, in layman's hand will play a maximum value. NASM sports association chairman Dr Clark said: 'if the user can really learn to use Hypervolt fascia gun to care the body, can greatly improve the quality of life and work efficiency. 'A major means of exercise rehabilitation including manipulation therapy, physical therapy, functional training, functional stretch, etc. Fascia gun is a kind of physical therapy, make human body tissue to produce relative displacement by the resonance, reduce tissue adhesion, restore the elasticity of muscle and fascia and malleable, thus improving fluid circulation, activate the body's self-healing potential. Therapist by users perception on each plane may cause pain or dysfunction of nervous function, restricted and adhesion area, with the help of fascia gun sustained pressure and vibration, in order to solve organizational resistance barrier. Of course, the user can also through the fascia gun or other device ( Bubble shaft/massage ball) To implement the fascia release. In everyday life many posture, movement patterns, dysfunction and pain acid bilges, are caused by muscle imbalances. Hypervolt contribute to the improvement of the physical properties of muscle ( Muscle tension, viscosity, ductility, etc. ) And physiological features, Excitability and contractility, work efficiency, etc. ) , thus promoting venous return and inflammatory substances absorb as well as the constant pain factor control, experience will have the comfortable feeling of relief. Dr Clark explains, stress and vibration can stimulate the body's machinery, neural physiological adaptability and potential, to help the body repair itself. Fascia release of the operating principle and various mechanical intra-fascial receptors ( machanoreceptors) Related, mainly including gause receptors ( Golgi receptor) , Pacific receptors ( Pacini受体) , class's small body ( Paciniform受体) , corus receptors ( 罗菲尼受体) And the stroma. By these receptors, fascia to convey messages to the brain, Mainly for the autonomic nervous system) The follow-up effect. Schleip( 2003). Autonomic nervous feedback path ( The figure below) To explain how the myofascial relaxation technique through receptors, affect the nervous system to achieve the effect of relaxation of soft tissue. At the same time, the connective tissue with similar liquid crystal, the pressure conduction electricity information ( Piezoelectricity) 。 Connective tissue in the pressure processing tend to become liquid, was not in processing become more solid ( Thixotropic phenomenon) 。 This massage and exercise can play a good role, through the pressure vibration with exercise, is advantageous to the matrix become more thin, soft, not easy to condense. Because the physical properties of the fascia, there is no regular check ( Such as X-ray, CAT scan, spinal cord imaging, emg) Can show fascia is limited, so the fascia science is still full of mysteries. For decades, many experiments have been carried out the national school of medicine, to explore vibration massage ( LV, WBV) The DOMS ( Delayed onset muscle soreness, namely the movement after the sore muscles jiang) , mainly adopts 'visual analogue scale method' ( 视觉模拟量表、血管) And creatine kinase ( 肌酸激酶(CK) As the index. Data analysis showed that shock therapy can relieve DOMS, reduce VAS and CK level, is a kind of effective method of physical therapy. However, due to the size and the inevitable error, further research was needed to provide more sufficient evidence. The human body is a very complex system, shock therapy in reducing DOMS explain the specific mechanism remains to be in the process of medicine. Academic circles some popular hypothesis is that the shock therapy can stimulate mechanical receptors ( machanoreceptors) To influence the nervous system, relaxing in order to achieve the effect of soft tissue, or through the piezoelectric, thixotropic phenomenon to influence the viscosity, so can feel the hardness ( Relaxation) The change. All in all, vibration therapy has a certain clinical rehabilitation effect, but many mechanism remains to be proven.
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