The advantage of vibration speakers.

by:GEMAY     2020-08-05
1, Vibration Speakers are super mini, at the moment, most of vibration speaker smaller than a mini coffee cup, so it is very convenient if you need to take it with you to travel or in your office. What is more, the vibration speaker can made in different rated power, you can make it more power as you need. The traditional speaker can not be small as there must be a load speaker built in. so the vibration are perfect for some potable device, such as laptop, android tablet PC, mini MP3 Player and projector. 2. The vibration speaker can be used in some special location, which traditional speaker can not be. For example, the portable vibration speaker can be used on the bathtub, which will let you enjoy the music at the same time it will bring you the affect of massage. You must be shock by this news. But it is true, this is vibration speaker. 3. the traditional speaker are point sound source, that means the sound come from one point, so if in one big hall, the sound are not symmetrical, but the Vibration Resonance Speaker are surface sound source, that means the sound come from one surface, and it can transfer the sound to 360 degree , on matter which angle between you and the speaker, the sound effect is the same, the sound very symmetrical in the whole hall. Nowadays there are more and more people are like the vibration speaker, it will have a big market in the future market, so the speaker of future is vibration speaker. Music is a big part of people's lives, whether you're rocking out on the iPod, or through your cellphone, having your music with you is a must. And Many new speaker systems may not be compatible with all the media that you have collected over the years. Then you will want a Multifunctional Speakers with portable size, that will allow you to enjoy all that media. It doesn't make sense that you should throw all that away simply because you are buying new speakers. The new portable vibration speaker will help you to solve the problem. With this portable pocket-sized sound system - vibration speakers, you can turn up the volume wherever you go. Just plug the compact-but-powerful device into your iPod, MP3 player, PC, phone, CD player... What's more, the sound effect your speaker produces varies depending on the surface you choose to stick it to - try placing it on a hollow, or any other of your home furnitures with wood , metal, glasses materials, pop it on to any firm surface, press play and there you have it - a fully functioning speaker! Probably the most important thing for loudspeakers is that they need to be at the right height while you are seated in the viewing or listening position, this is usually the level of your ears or around head height. The specially developed loudspeaker stands will make certain that your speakers are at the perfect height for the ultimate audio performance. Also the positioning of the speakers is important for the complete surround sound effect and having stands will make it easier to position the speakers in the best location in your room. So, hurry to get a Vibration Resonance Speaker and make your home furnitures to be lound speakers. Article source:
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