the beauty of facial massage!

by:GEMAY     2020-11-28
Tension builds up in our facial muscles from the stress of everyday life, and we don\'t realize it.
Certain thoughts and emotions can easily become habitual, locking themselves in the expressions on our faces --
Sometimes throughout the life cycle.
In this case, the muscles can actually \"dry\" and shrink, suppressing freedom of speech.
When the face loses muscle tension and elasticity and begins to sag, this may encourage aging and the formation of wrinkles.
Facial massage is a gentle
Invasive methods that look younger.
It works mainly by releasing the facial muscles and connecting the contractions in the tissue.
With gentle facial massages, we can help slow down aging.
This is achieved by using simple massage techniques and energy balance, thereby lifting facial muscles and giving new life.
Facial massages include a range of massage techniques that can help you look as a natural facelift that does not require surgery (and often feel! )younger.
We all have tense facial muscles and many of us want to reduce wrinkles so it\'s not surprising that it\'s a very popular and popular --After treatment
The pressure and trauma of regular release are deeply locked in the muscles and energy of the face, head and neck.
Our faces are usually our masks, hiding our true selves, and it takes a lot of energy to keep this \"front.
Experiencing a mask off can be the gateway to deep relaxation and inner relaxation.
The benefits of facial massage when cleaning and moisturizing your face, take advantage of this opportunity to do a facial massage on your skin.
At home, a simple action is to roll and slap under the lower jaw.
Try to pat the flat of your fingers onto your face and roll them forward before the next shot to help adjust this Depression --
Prone areas of the skin.
Use a lot of creams especially if your skin is a little dry.
If too little massage cream is applied, the hand will not slide over the skin and will cause excessive irritation. You can also rub with your palm and squeeze the back of your neck with one hand to help relax the tension.
Use your entire palm when massaging a large area.
In the direction of the facial curve, the massage should be carried out according to the rhythm of the movement inside and outside.
If you do not massage in the direction of the facial curve, wrinkles will form.
Again, use a lot of cream.
If you have a headache (
We do this from time to time! )
Then the small circular friction of your own Temple will really help ease these problems.
This is especially true for stress-related headaches.
The frequency of massage should be adapted to the condition of the skin.
Those who are worried about skin problems may continue mild and effective treatment every day, limiting the time to a short period of time.
For those who do not massage their skin often, every 3-
4 days with a good massage cream.
The facial massage releases a strong \"feel good\" inner endorph.
Incorporate regular facial massages into your day-to-day life and you\'ll be amazed at how good this can make you feel!
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