The benefits of charging _ fascia gun to relax

by:GEMAY     2020-06-30
Fascia gun detail parameter specifies battery capacity: 2600 mah, product weight: host 1 net. 075 kg, product model: HLAM - 004, plus external packing: 3. 703 kg, output voltage: dc25. 2 v, the strength of gear: 12 file - we consider everyone under different vibration frequency, frequency fluctuations in the small, the power configuration: constant current - automatically - - - - - - Rechargeable battery voltage 24 v, the vibration frequency, hz - 1000 3600 hz/minutes, the battery type: lithium ion power battery, charging time 4 h, consumed power: 68 w accessories: 6 ( Contain the adapter) Long, packing size: 39 cm * 30 cm * 10 cm high, wide input voltage: ac110v - - - - - - - Ac220v, the host size: 18 cm * 23. 5 cm * 6 cm wide, input current: 1. 5 ( max) , and output current: 2 a, the use of safety considerations for safety precautions: not suitable for the users, such as your body appear the following situations, please consult your doctor before use: are treated or feel uncomfortable/hypotension malignant tumor safety precautions: please stop using - the following situation Severe trauma hemorrhage with acute illness/fever over 38 degrees/heart with stent/prohibited items: when using cannot be used in conjunction with other medical equipment, such as low frequency therapeutic apparatus, features the machine operators on the use of no special technical requirements, you only need to according to your original master treats you technical operation can achieve expected effect; In view of the machine in use can make the body treats the body parts produced by inside and outside the heating effect, thus has certain local effect reducing weight, let the body temperature feels very comfortable, natural, more easily accepted by customers; 1. Product specifications in paragraph 4: bonesetting gun manufacturers fine-tuning correct gun spinal activator
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