The birth of a, fascia gun

by:GEMAY     2020-06-04
Fascia gun is a kind of shock and resonance are used to release the soft tissue of physical therapy instrument, popular way can dredge the meridian, relax the muscle vibration massager. Its birth and the development of the theory of fascia and the growing demand for rehabilitation in the NBA. Fascia ( myofascia) Is covered by connective tissue that covers the body wall, insert the muscles attached to the bone, wrapped around the blood vessels, is a kind of winding, surrounded, protect and support the body structure of 3 d mesh matrix. Fascia itself has different degree of elasticity, to contract and relax, so able to respond to load, compression and stress. It has support and constraint function to the organization, can change the traction direction of muscle strength, adjust the operation of muscle strength, with functions of sexual function and motion. A lot of pain symptoms and health problems, can through to the related fascia recuperation and treatment. In traditional anatomy concept, each has certain load-point muscles. In clavicle, for example, pectoralis major medial half, gladiolus, and 1 - 6 costal cartilage and anterior wall in the rectus sheath, and footprint of the stop at the greater tuberosity. But in fact is not the case in the anatomy - — Only part of the muscle in or check on the periosteum, and part of this is in the form of fascia linked to the adjacent specific muscle. For decades, modern medicine's understanding of fascia gradually deepened, many health problems also have a much better approach. People's every move involving fascia, it can shorten due to trauma, curing or thickening, resulting in all kinds of bad posture or injury and inflammation, affect the body's physiological adaptability. Because the fascia is a whole, local disturbance travels along with the network, and the movement of the body lack of flexibility and spontaneity, and compound trauma, pain and limited, time is the human body in three-dimensional deviation from the vertical axis of gravity, movement and posture in biomechanics inefficiency and energy-intensive phenomenon. Limited clinical, muscle pain, joint function, fasciitis, muscle strain, etc. , are usually associated with myofascial pain syndrome, so nursing fascia can better prevention and treatment of these health problems. With the vigorous development of the American physical therapy industry, 'fascia release ( MFR) 'The physical therapy technology, gradually improve, if you pay attention to sports, it may be seen in the side, athletes with a bubble rolling shaft or massage ball, or with the help of the physical therapist stretch muscles, use the impact of the fascia gun to relax at the same time. Actually these are part of the various forms of fascia release technique, this rehabilitation method has been widely adopted in the United States, and become the physical therapists, therapists, whole bone doctors, personal trainers, proper advanced courses, also blended in a lot of sports fans in daily life. NBA therapist harrison said, 'the purpose of the training before we just let the athletes become stronger, faster, just pile up muscle neglected the biomechanics, so can't reasonable use of the fierce power, injuries are frequent. In nearly a decade, people began to realize that efficient recovery is the key to peak performance, rather than a strict training. Good health is the fundamental of the athletes, the injury is our biggest enemy. 'Campaign momentum of recovery is especially obvious in the NBA, the event is famous for its superb athletic, dense body against a season very grinding people body and mind. The NBA ball bounded attaches great importance to the manipulation treatment ( Improve muscle activity) on the treatment table Correction, and training ( Guide the body on the best activities within the scope of work) Exercise, strength and stability, rehabilitation therapy, treatment of soft tissue, etc. , thus 'relax stiff tight, and strengthen the weak area, maintain optimal range, in order to obtain the peak athletic performance. 'In this context, the' father 'of fascia gun movement rehabilitation brand arises at the historic moment. , as it comes to ice compress products, shaft vibration, fascia, etc. , in the NBA courtside everywhere. NBA superstar lebron James and kobe Bryant is the earliest supporters, while many of the NBA including Gary d's science advisory committee set up by the physical therapists have also joined. After years of precipitation and research and development, in 2018 launched the world's first a fascia gun:, soon became a NBA player carrying groceries, and sweeping swept up in the fitness industry. Spokesperson griffin said in an interview: 'I am more comfortable now, because I value recovery, now I know, when playing limited body every movement all have no, my movement is more efficient. 'Famous player Lin also mentioned that deep fascia gun is a good way to relax muscles, to help athletes adjust the optimal state of mind. Today, fascia gun has become the motion artifact, mesh red tide, even the stars in the entertainment circle of the high-end gifts with each other. So the value of more than three thousand fascia gun, really useful, isn't intelligence tax was conceived for a long time?
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