The day before yesterday, I asked a fitness friends fascia gun amway products, although he is very interested in this fascia gun, but after check a lot of information on the Internet, also said

by:GEMAY     2020-06-15
Because he felt that the price of water is very big, he's in a treasure, see a lot of different brands of fascia gun, high price is, low of only a few hundred, or even decades. So he fascia gun in price also have doubts, whether this fascia gun price fluctuations will really is so great that gap is very small on the product quality, the same product, spending less money is the best choice. Although a lot of people have such psychological, spend the least money, buy the best product is a standard of people's heart, but in such a huge difference on price, low price products, feeling giving a person is of low quality products. Product quality is guaranteed, bad to do, how long can? In fact, the fascia gun can be divided into the fuselage, motor, power supply three parts. This among them, with the greatest impact on prices is the motor. The technical difficulties mainly embody in three aspects. A massage, speed speed decided to comfort, the car engine using speed in 1000 - at ordinary times 3500 r / min。 For fascia gun, can reach 3200 r/min is very qualified level, have the function of adjustable down at the same time, widely is suitable for a variety of scenarios. Under the same conditions, therefore, high speed limit, and adjustable for optimal. This can be understood as the higher gear, gear, the more the motor quality more excellent; , of course, the human body has the certain limit, under normal maximum withstand 3200 turn, more than 3200 turn, the body will be unbearable. That this is a bigger influence on the price. And fascia gun's speed to 3200 r the best points, and at least four points the gear, the highest points in six gear, equipped with 5 point massage. The best speed, the most professional massage head, the most reasonable division of gear, these are shown in the advantage of the fascia gun. Two, decided to hand comfort, vibration vibration motor in the process of rotation, as a result of the action of centrifugal force will inevitably produce vibration and impact of hand operating comfort. To avoid this situation, the businessman is generally to increase with increasing body weight machine inertia, reducing vibration motor vibration passed into the hands of feeling. So the weight of the machine needs to keep on hand not tired, motor running at the same time does not affect the hand for optimal operation; Increase of body weight method, the most effective is to use density is big, the quality, stability, good material, it is to a certain extent, affected the fuselage of the material, the price will naturally deviation; This impact on prices. ABS (fascia gun adopted Tough, qualitative hard, rigid) , silica gel, Waterproof, shockproof, feel is good) Such as material, different from other material such as plastic products, compete, be clear at a glance. Three decided to use comfort, noise, noise, in use process, the noise is the most intuitive, especially in the parts such as massage shoulder, trapezius muscle, noise is the greatest influence to the use of comfort, therefore, under the same speed, low noise for the best. Reducing noise in one of two ways, one is to radically reduce the noise, one is to add sound insulation materials. The fascia gun is used the first method, which is the advantage of the brushless motor.
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