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by:GEMAY     2020-08-08
What are these instruments and how do these instruments work? The pain relieving machine is called Hi Dow and it is battery operated and it has to be placed at the site of pain. It works through TENS or Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation. It uses electric pulses, generated at electrodes on the surface of the skin which then travels to the source of pain through nerve endings and help to remove pain. They are highly effective and the results are felt almost instantaneously. The device can be used on any part of the body and they are handy and portable so they can be used at home as well as office. They also help to increase blood circulation which tones the skin and makes it firm. The Hi Dow acts as your personal masseuse with whom you can have an appointment any time you like and at any place. The batteries used in them are rechargeable and they are long lasting. With age, the blood circulation in our body goes down, and different parts of our body start swelling up. So, the Circulation booster offers to reduce the swelling in different parts of the body by increasing blood circulation in different parts. If one uses it on their feet for 30 minutes a day, it helps: Massage the feet Improve blood circulation in the vessels Reduce swelling In the process, it also aids to reducing aches in the feet, especially the ankles. It works on AC and it can be operated using remote controls as well. However, its use is not advised for people with pacemakers installed. There are devices called Coaguchek available for people on oral anticoagulants to monitor their PT/INR. This consists of a hand held device where a strip containing the patient's blood needs to be introduced, and then the machine provides the reading for the sample provided. They are battery operated, generally by 3 AAA size batteries. They are easy to use and can be taken everywhere. The strips to contain the blood can be bought once the initial set provided is exhausted. Apart from machines, what else is available in the market for home treatment? There is Arthritis cream also available that needs to be massaged on the joints. They have got a good chemical mix of ingredients that help to reduce pain. However, these creams and lotions are only temporary reliefs for arthritis pains. They are available at AUD 30 per 114g tube. Most of these above said instruments and medicines can be bought off the internet. There are many pharmacological companies that deliver them to buyers, if an online order is placed. Hi Dow uses the techniques of TENS to reduce pain and smoothen out nerve endings by passing an electric pulse through the skin and into the nerve endings. They are battery operated and long lasting. Circulation Boosters are AC operated devices which help to massage the feet, thereby boosting circulation of blood in the body. This, in turn, helps to reduce pain and also swelling in feet, especially the ankles.
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