This kind of research and development for the movement of fascia gun, a general household massage instrument with a strong shock. Many users believe fascia gun can promote blood cycle

by:GEMAY     2020-06-16
High frequency oscillation transmission power to deep muscle fascia gun at present market sale price span is large, ranging from 100 yuan to 4000 yuan, but still the gym lu iron people. This kind of fascia gun, 2000 to 3000 beats per minute of the high frequency vibration, the deep into muscle strength, help to relax your muscles, improve blood circulation, speed up the row of lactic acid, reduce muscle soreness. 'Muscle has a certain thickness, hand or home massage equipment, strength of surface layer of muscle, only high frequency concussion and fascia gun, efforts will be transmitted to the deeper muscles, effect is more obvious. 'Fascia gun won a lot of sports fans, hope to improve muscle tension, improve athletic performance. But many people the wrong use, as a result, the callus. 'Not all pains are reliable fascia gun handling, and using time and frequency effect too. 'Muscle strain inflammation not use erroneous zone 1: any pain after exercise, all available fascia gun relaxing massage. Answer: the fascia gun can improve muscle soreness, tension strain; But sports injuries were accompanied by redness and swelling, muscle pain, it is possible that acute inflammation, avoid by all means USES fascia gun on the affected part, can accentuate otherwise injury. There is a man running after, after the right thigh muscle pain, swelling, lint at that time did not see that is muscle soreness and fatigue, apply ice after see no improvement situation, hence with fascia gun to relax after a thigh muscle, pain instant relief, think that effect a radical cure problems; Get up after the right thigh is very pain and swelling, impact action to seek treatment immediately, found the muscle itself has been injured, and the misuse of fascia gun to injury aggravated, finally to physical therapy. Same position limit according to the erroneous zone 2:5 to 10 minutes with fascia gun relax your muscles, the more efforts more effective, more long more comfortable. A: too much or too long will hurt at any time. Under the high frequency vibration, strength the first skin, fat and fascia layer, then into the muscle layer; Power through each layer of organization, the strength decreasing step by step. Skin, fat and fascia layer first to stress, such as the strength is too big, easy to make the surface of tissue bruise, or even a slight muscle tear. Suitable for use in a large group of muscle fascia gun, such as the hips and the quadriceps, because the muscle is big, need a deep massage. As for the location of the muscle layer thinner, such as shoulder, may not afford to is too big, easy to cause the bruises, suggest hand massage are available, and the strength is relatively soft. As for time, every time with fascia gun, not in the same place massage too long, suggested by 5 to 10 minutes. Fascia gun can be equipped with different size and shape of fascia spear, convenient use, according to need to choose, vertebral shape of fascia spear head is suitable for the small muscles such as the forearm, spear tip more thin, distribute power more focused, more easily injured tissue, the time is more short, not more than 5 minutes; Ball point contact with the skin area is larger, the strength is average, the most in 10 minutes. Does not improve joint pain misuse or injury fascia myth 3: after joint pain, improve available fascia gun. A: is only applicable on the muscle fascia gun, including bone and ligament and joint; When high frequency power to bone, power rebounded to ligament, eventually may be injured by the load is too large. Have a man running after ankle pain, relax with fascia gun, day ankle swelling. Ankle with thin muscle, fascia gun tapping ankle, like a hammer on the last wounded fascia. In view of the muscle soreness, massage increases blood circulation can improve; But joint pain can be caused by different reasons, such as cartilage inflammation, abrasion, or ligament injury and so on, these reasons cannot through the vibration massage to governance, and to extend or enhance through to improve muscle strength, when necessary, can seek help from a physical therapist. Neck, chest armpit jiyong any vascular cardiopulmonary repositioning error 4: the whole body all muscle fascia gun can be used. A: the following locations are unfavorable use fascia gun: carotid artery or femoral artery location while the artery walls thicker, but constantly under gravity may also be damaged, damaged thrombosis, once the thrombus fall off, with the blood flowing to the brain jam cerebrovascular, can lead to ischemic stroke. Chest because close to the major organs such as heart and lung, is likely to be hurt. Axillary armpit is full of lymphoid tissue and nerves, or can make impaired lymphatic inflammation, or injury and nerves, paralysis of the hand. Bow clan muscle owe better error 5: elastic hand massage head race's neck shoulder waist ache, available fascia gun to relax. Answer: posture caused by poor or lack of muscle ache, do not necessarily need to use such a high frequency of massager. Especially often sedentary, poor muscle strength, muscle elasticity is poorer, less than fascia gun under high frequency power, easy to hurt. Actually general waist sour backache, usable hand or general household massage instrument massage to relax, the strength not too strong, reduce the risk of injury. Reprint please indicate the: fascia gun guide & raquo; The harm of fascia gun: use the five pitfalls
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