Three Things We Need As We Get Older

by:GEMAY     2020-04-23
As we get older we notice we need to take care of three things: the body, the mind, and our finances. The body and the mind both function better with exercise. While exercise for the body may be walking, or a trip to the gym, exercise for the brain is to engage in something challenging or something new. While staying physically and mentally healthy, we also need a healthy income. A small business or part time job may be just the thing to generate an income, exercise the brain, and leave time to go for a walk or to the gym for physical exercise. When a woman I worked with developed a little bursitis in her arm, she stopped using it because it hurt when she moved it. By the end of the year, she had lost total use of the arm. That's the way our bodies are and that's why we need regular exercise. For the body to keep functioning as well as possible, we need to find something that we can do on a regular basis. If you like tennis, play tennis. If you enjoy a nice walk, then walk every day you possibly can. Do something to keep the body moving because the old saying, 'Use or lose it,' is true. Have you ever re-met someone you knew a long time ago and discovered, after they have sat on a couch watching television for a decade or two, they no longer have a vibrant rapport, to put it nicely. On the other hand, someone who has been engaged in community service and held a job for the past decade or so, still has the ability to discuss many topics intelligently, plan, and provide solutions to problems. Keeping the brain actively engaged may keep the brain functioning well. Becoming a 'couch potato' will lead to a stagnant brain. If you no longer have a job because you've been laid off, or given 'early retirement', do not give up on finding something to do. Working on a crossword puzzle or sudoku may be a bit of a mental challenge but it won't help fill any financial gaps you may have, so, find something mentally challenging to do that also offers a payment. Check out businesses on line, available part time jobs or anything new that will stimulate the brain cells. Like the body, the brain must also be exercised. Now, delivering pizza could possibly give you at least some exercise, financial gain, and some brain work in finding various locations. If delivering pizza is just not for you, there are alternatives. Never give up. Take care of your body by finding something you like to do, at least a little, so you'll keep doing it. Find a job or other new endeavor that will stimulate both your mind and your pocket book. Take care of the three things and contentment is yours for many more years to come.
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