Today, many a gym coach, sports fans are equipped with a handful of fascia gun. As television advertising, outdoor advertising and other promotion, about the fascia

by:GEMAY     2020-06-13
Is known as a new generation of relaxation after motion artifact, fascia gun has become the Tmall 618 movement gadgets TOP1 category sales increase. It is true that with the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL demonstration using pro, fascia gun has been hot in the United States. In China, the fascia gun market from the explosion at the beginning of the end of 2018 to spurt of growth in the spring of 2019, the market feedback gets better. At present, the fascia gun is no longer exclusive relax equipment, professional athletes into ordinary people is it should have a mission in 2019. A, fascia gun have the effect really? Now also asks fascia gun really have any effect, seems to have been misplaced. Can use word of mouth type. In sports, work, life, human body because of fatigue can produce a large amount of creatine; The so-called fascia, is an important part of the body structure is a covered on the surface of muscles and tendons around a layer of thin film structure, throughout the body. Fascia was like a knitting sweater, pull the sweater anywhere on a line, can cause the deformation of from here to far away places. Turn up to standard fascia gun with high vibration, can effectively touch the deep fascia in the human body, has relaxed fascia, so as to promote local or a wider range of blood circulation, thus reduce lactic acid, quickly eliminate fatigue. Second, do not blindly use, also need to avoid some mistakes usage first, with any product wants be particular about a 'degree'. As the saying goes, is a medicine three minutes poison, sports relaxation facilities as well. You don't think fascia gun is fun, just 1 vigorously call themselves disorderly, beat shouldn't loose to loose. In addition, some fascia gun also specific 10 minutes to continue stop setting for their design. Fascia gun is a kind of physical therapy instrument, but it also has the contraindications, everybody should standardize operation when used. The following points, which is based on science and technology of fascia gun safety when Joe instructions described: 1, according to the requirements of different parts of the massage, please choose a suitable massage head. 2, do not frequent high flap transfer in the same position for a long time, avoid excessive massage. 3, fascia gun with cooling holes, the waterproof equipment, please don't the equipment into the water. 4, heart and near the 3 cm do not beat; Surgical flap with parts do not. More wrong usage as well as the matters needing attention, can detailed instructions. Fascia, in short, the gun is designed for the body to relax. But customer case, the actual usage and changeful. Therefore, before you buy or use, know the wrong usage fascia gun or very be necessary. We need relax yourself, rather than killed himself, isn't it?
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