Understanding Fitness

by:GEMAY     2020-04-21
It is a common misconception that fitness means having a muscular or sexy body; it is not just about being physically appealing. Fitness means being physically and mentally healthy. It means being able to do the things which your body should do with regards to your age and physical abilities. It may hard to achieve but if you have the right attitude towards it, nothing is impossible. And fitness could only be achieved through living a healthy life. Starting with physical awareness, a person should be able to develop a certain discipline which would enable oneself to gain physical health with ease. Eating the right and healthy food, doing an exercise and developing a positive outlook in life could definitely bring you to the edge of being fit. If one is physically healthy and then fitness will follow. If you think that fitness focuses more on physical well-being, then you are wrong. Being mentally fit is more important than the physical aspect of health. Mental health could also be improved by exercise. Solving math problems, cross word puzzles and reading could do your mind good. Do not stop from doing these stuffs if you think that you are too old to do it. Your mind doesn't stop functioning until you are dead and in order to avoid any memory lapses and certain mind diseases such as Alzheimer you should continue to sharpen your mind. Aside from being able to do anything you want, being fit will give you emotional stability as well. It would help relieve you from stress and would certainly secure your emotion. Being fit is something that different age group could certainly have an advantage of. Only fitness could overcome your physical insecurities and will give you a great satisfaction for being able to do some physical activities that your age could do. Fitness doesn't only improve your physical health but most importantly the emotional, mental and social stability that you could gain from it. It would bring a change to your life and your health. So next time you consider to get fit. You have to have the right reasons to do so. Getting fit is more than just improving your physical image. And so doing it requires a lot of discipline and dedication. If you think you have the right requirements, then start getting fit. You really won't know the feeling of fitness unless you have experienced it. It is something worth trying so you should not hesitate to try it.
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