We have all heard about the prenatal massage.

by:GEMAY     2020-07-31
After the baby is born, though, does the mother go back to her relaxed 'before pregnant' persona? The new mother is probably more stressed now with a newborn to care for, than she ever was as a single lady or as a new housewife for that matter. So what does this new mom need to relax? A massage helped during pregnancy, can it help after the baby has been delivered? What is Postnatal Massage? Postnatal Massage is a natural therapy to help relax a new mother. The postnatal massage is similar and yet very different from the prenatal massage. While both massages look to relax the mother, the postnatal massage looks to help get your body back into pre-pregnancy state. While you may think your body went through dramatic changes during pregnancy, your body will face even more drastic changes after the baby. Some of the physical changes you may be having include: * Uterine cramping and bleeding * Sore pelvis * Episiotomy soreness * Weak abdominal muscles * Enlarged/gorging breasts * Back aches During this time the mother's body is trying to go from pregnant to not pregnant. It took the body nine months to reorganize and in a matter of weeks the body looks to get back to the pre-pregnancy stage. Different methods may be utilized such as Swedish massage and lymphatic massage. Beforehand the client can speak to the massage therapist about specific physical ailments they may be having which the massage therapist can focus on. The massage helps to bring back your pre-pregnancy state by preserving muscles and connective tissue. Some spas even allow for the mother to bring in the newborn during the massage. This gives the mother two options for the baby during the massage. One option is to breastfeed and cradle the baby while the massage is taking place, allowing for a bonding experience. The other option is to have the baby receive a massage as well. The client would have to call beforehand to see which spa offers these options.
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