Who hasn't wished for an easy and safe method

by:GEMAY     2020-09-06
Easy Feet is the simple answer to this situation. This sandal-shaped device is designed to give your feet a true salon treatment-with both feet safely on the ground. No-slip cups on the bottom of the Easy Feet create suction that lets it adhere to any smooth bathroom surface, keeping the Easy Feet in place while you give your feet a luxurious cleaning. It will keep you in place too, while you're cleaning your feet. You don't have to lift your foot more than an inch off the floor, so you can maintain a more stable stance in the slippery tub. Once your foot is on the Easy Feet, it's time for a luxurious home spa treatment in your own bathroom. Turn on the shower, squirt your favorite liquid soap across the top of the Easy Feet and start cleaning. Rub your foot forward and back, or side to side. You can even tilt your foot to the outer edge or to the inner arch to scrub the sides. Over one thousand bristles are affixed to the Easy Feet, giving your feet a luxurious massage while they brush them clean. The 'strap' that goes over the top of the foot has bristles to get that part of you clean, too. And there's plenty of room to move those gently scrubbing bristles over the full top of your foot...all the way to your ankle. The bristles work between your toes from the top and bottom, and along your whole foot from forward to back, top and bottom. A built-in pumice stone at the heel gently exfoliates that part of your foot, which is usually the roughest area of skin on the body. Dry, cracked heels are a thing of the past because using the Easy Feet is like getting a pedicure whenever you want one. And the massaging action of the bristles will soothe away calluses that can form on the balls of your feet. Keep this unique device in the bathroom so that you can use it every day. After only a couple of uses of the Easy Feet salon pedicure apparatus, you will realize that your feet have never been cleaner and softer, nor have they ever felt better. In fact, your entire body will feel rejuvenated when you clean and massage your toes, arches and heels with this wonderful device. Easy Feet is inexpensive, too. You won't find this great price for a pedicure at any nail salon, plus it's a one-time expense that will pay you back over and over again. In addition to its economical value, the Easy Feet salon pedicure device pays off in compliments. Your feet have never looked better. You'll step out in sandals with confidence because your heels will look as smooth as they feel. The only thing missing from an Easy Feet pedicure is nail polish! You can attach Easy Feet to the floor of the tub or shower when you take a shower, or attach it to the wall or the side of the bath tub to enjoy a luxurious foot scrub while you take a bath. Sit back in your bubble bath while you exfoliate and clean your feet the easy, fun way. Kids will love Easy Feet, too. They may actually beg you to let them take a bath so they can give themselves a pedicure. You'll know they're getting a good cleaning between their tiny toes, too. No more surprises when they climb into bed after a quick bath each night. You'll avoid foot grit in your own bed too, if you clean your feet with Easy Feet each night just before you retire. Easy Feet is made of high-quality gel-soft plastic. It's a durable device that will give you years of service. It's easy to stick to the floor or wall, and just as easy to pick up again. When you're done with your luxurious home pedicure, simply pop the Easy Feet free of the tub or shower, rinse it with warm water, and then put it aside to drain dry. But keep it close to the tub or shower stall, because you'll want to use it the next time you take a bath or shower. You'll never grow tired of giving yourself a home pedicure with the wonderful, unique Easy Feet!
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