Why use a fascia gun

by:GEMAY     2020-06-21
Fascia gun hot anomaly over the past two years, often can see in all kinds of sports events, the athletes during the period of rest, use it to relieve muscle relaxation. Fu Yuanhui, Su Bing tian, hyacinth, Ross, James, and other sports stars are in use. Whether, then, what's the use of fascia gun, also suitable for runners? Let's learn about the. Since to understand fascia gun, so must first know what fascia. Fascia is wrapped in our muscles of a layer of connective tissue, full of whole body, is a package from head to foot of continuous network, we can imagine the body's entire fascia network as a spider's web, when the twitch of a wire, will be jointly and severally changes of other parts. When our bodies have remained in a gesture, the elasticity of the fascia becomes poor, slowly will be more and more nervous, when dehydrated, adhesion and contracture, can appear a series of strain and pathological changes. And the change of the fascia and damage is main reason of let a person appear muscle pain. Thus, fascia is particularly important to relax. According to the change of the fascia and damage, can through self massage way to repair, make its restore vitality. We often use the foam roller shaft, fascia massage ball, is to use this principle to achieve the purpose of repair fascia. Fascia gun is the same principle, but as a result of mechanical power massage frequency faster, more accurate, often can have a better effect. In addition, the fascia gun own vibration effect can also eliminate muscle stiffness, relieve muscle soreness after overwork. How to choose the fascia of fascia gun gun, circle the most famous is the United States a H brand, although it is true that the quality is good, but expensive price, thousands of dollars price really let a person cannot bear to look at. Actually fascia gun internal structure is not complicated, no high technology content, so the price of thousands of pieces of let me have a kind of intelligence quotient (IQ) tax feeling. Moreover, it is said that the brand in the market also appeared a fake. So, let's domestic brands its debut! With fascia gun sell like hot cakes, more and more domestic brands have sprung up across China, the quality is good and bad are intermingled. There are a large part of cheap fascia gun use electric drill to be modified, or to use inferior motor, etc. , product vibration frequency is low, the strength is insufficient, cannot relax well fascia. And noisy, damage probability is large, part of the fascia gun failed to pass the strict test and safety certification, due to a lack of protection mechanism in the vibration frequency or easy to cause fascia or muscle damage. So, choose domestic brands must polish eyes, don't simply covet is cheap. According to my understanding, the domestic hundred fascia gun in the brand, the relatively of only a few brands.
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