You will always hear fascia ball, fascia knife, now the fascia of gun, merchants can talk about this a fascia to relax, then what on earth is a fascia

by:GEMAY     2020-06-08
( Simple said fascia is a parcel layer of white on the muscle film) Everyone know each silk fibers is to, to make our body makes the corresponding joint action, engaged in the fitness coach, a yoga teacher, pilates teachers, sports industry, the athletes all know tensile, should follow the direction of muscle fiber tensile. Especially the yoga teacher, in yoga movement, makes the corresponding muscle pull longer, to make a beautiful big movements. Fascia and we see a gun hammer users are vertically downward force, regardless of the fascia is thousands or tens of thousands of blocks of gun, is imported or domestic, are two gear or a lot of gear, and so on, regardless of the user or presenter described the fascia gun how how good, its strength is perpendicular to the direction of the muscle fibers, and the fixed point head of a friend, would question the vertical downward force how to relax the muscle and fascia we? And fascia gun user might think is not what they think, wake up. Conclusion: I gave my athletes recover customer once said, each silk fibers for professional athletes are very precious, every standard action should follow the power muscle fibers to, or is a sports injury, do not blindly use any hammer to products issued by force acting on our muscle fibers, the more vertical distributed power, the more will cause damage to the muscle, fascia. To stretch the muscles and fascia, only through independent tensile action is the best muscle and fascia stretch, stretch the muscles, a corresponding tensile membrane, is stretching muscle drive fascia of stretching, rather than stretching fascia drive muscle stretching. Listen to a lot of people teach fascia gun, fascia is gun early in foreign countries, coming from abroad, small make up want to say is, you don't have a number? Foreigners say relax you think! Is fine to improve your own professional skills, don't all day carrying a so-called fascia relax a gun said this is rehabilitation comedy tends!
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